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My top 5 “Life Hacks” – Or whatever you want to call them

It’s not really “Life Hacks” – a term that I actually hate – but more just a reminder of common sense. I don’t know why, but most of the time we all throw common sense out the window. More often than not, my brain and I have a conversation very similar to this:

Me: All I really want from life is to be happy. Y’know? Happiness is all I need.
Brain: Great! Then let’s do these things, that make you happy!
Me: Naaaah. That’ll be a no from me.

Why? Why do we do this? What is wrong with us? I try to keep track of the small things that makes me happy and, of course, I have lists. I’ve written something similar about this before, several times, but this way more a list of advice, than all the stupid shit I do to make me happy.


Keep a stash!

Always keep a stash of snacks you love. It doesn’t have to be much, but even the thought of you knowing that if you get past this utterly crap thing, you can go home and raid your stash. Hide it from the kids. Hide it from partners, pets, parents. Keep it secret and all will be well. A favourite place of mine is a sealed bag in the bottom of the laundry basket. I’m the only one who ever goes there anyway.

YOU BE THAT GIRL! She’s smart!


Take that selfie!

Just go ahead and do it. In public transport, at a caf√©, where ever you are and you get the urge to do it. Don’t be ashamed to do it from the right angle too! We all know that the selfie you posted from a frog perspective, that’s the one where you hold your phone between your legs and give us a perfect view of the inside of your nose, is because you didn’t want strangers to know what you were doing. We all look very weird from that angle. Own your beauty and show us more than your chin and nose!

I’m still at this stage, but I’m getting there.


Say no!

Is there something you really don’t want to do? Say no. Did you agree to meet up with someone, but the mere thought of it drains you of every bit energy? Say no. Did someone ask for your help and you don’t want to spend that kind of energy on another person? Then say no. Really. Even in this situation, if you don’t want to, say no. If you feel like it’s important that you help this person, then go help them. But if you, in reality, would rather fall down a hill, then say no.
This does, of course, not apply to work or raising children! Because you know you need the money and killing your kids is generally frowned upon.

Perfectly acceptable behaviour.


Stop pretending to like stuff!

Dude, seriously, some people are into some weird shit. No one expects you to like it. In case a friend is telling you that something it totally awesome, and you keep thinking that you really don’t want to be near it, watch it, or listen to it, stop telling them that yeah, it’s fine, you liked it too, it’s was quite cool. (*cough* Second season of Stranger Things, all of the Marvel movies, sushi *cough*) You don’t have to like it, you don’t even have to pretend that you get it. You also don’t owe them an explanation. You don’t like thing, so the thing can fuck off. Because reasons.

And you don’t have to!


Don’t be friends with people you don’t like!

You literally don’t have to be friends with anyone. This one is so straight forward that I don’t even know how to explain it further. Honestly. If you don’t like them, don’t be friends with them. Who cares anyways. Some people might perceive you as a bad person then, but would you rather be miserable, trying to fake an interest in people you don’t like, than having a few people don’t like you either? Just because you don’t want to be friends with everyone?
Naaaah. That’ll be a no from me.
(This one is explained in details in my last post)

Which is why I’m not your friend.


Again, I am well aware that I’ve said a few of these thing before, but I find them important enough to repeat. I’ll repeat them over and over again, if not for others, then for myself. I need to be reminded of these things as much as anyone else. I know that some of them are really hard to implement in everyday life, it’s hard to do things for yourself, without being showed into the “selfish” box.


It has nothing to with being selfish, but everything to do with reminding yourself that you are the only person who is forced to be around you, all the time. Might aswell make it a more pleasant experience.

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