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It’s the small things that does it

Sometimes life is just life, and we all know that life generally sucks ass.


The last couple of months have been pretty good. The normal ups and downs, but all in all, it’s been a nice ride. That is extremely terrifying for me, since I can’t stop waiting for when shit hits the fan. Because it always does, since life is a horrible thing that is not all unicorns and rainbows. How dare you, life. How dare you be everything you are supposed to be, and not just conform into my vision of perfection. How dare you!

When life decided to be a little dick again, it did it’s very best. Usually it’s a bunch of small things that it clumps together, but this time it decided to just smack me over the head with a few big ones.

It completely drained me of all energy I had, made me want to focus on a bunch of other things, and it seemed to work.

I’ve just had the first bad day, not related to depression, just a really bad day in a long time. I think it all hit a little bit, and I think life is a little dick again.

However! This time, life, you angry little fucker, this time you are not getting me! Because I have a list, an actual list on a piece of paper (It’s color coded as well, I am so pleased with myself) of all the small things that makes your attempts to poke me in the eye, several times, futile. It’s filled with clichés and it’s probably a bit silly, some of them I’m even a little bit ashamed of, but even so, it fucking works, so screw you, life. It’s a glorious little thing that I don’t mind sharing. Even if some of them are weird. Okay, all of them. All of them are a little bit weird, but they work and that’s all that matters.


PDA – Public Display of Affection

Also, no one is cuter than Mila and Ashton.

I know, I know. For someone who hates everyone and everything, this seems weird. There is just something about being appreciated enough for someone to not give a fuck about how people are throwing up in their mouths, because they just want to kiss you or hold your hand. Maybe even be a little bit proud and show off. Because that’s why I do it, besides just wanting to be close to them. “Look at this glorious creature that I get to kiss! Look at it! Look at all my luck!”


PDA – part 2

Ew. Go away.

Right back to reality. Watching other people doing the PDA thing, and be really bitter about it. Complain and sigh and tell my friends how disgusting it is. You could wait with that until you get home, no need to do it here, where I’m being old and bitter. Stupid kids and their stupid attraction towards each other. Ew. Go away.



It’s a thing, okay…

I fucking love these games! They are the dumbest thing ever, but I just love it. I’ve got 350ish hours of Tap Tap Infinity on Steam. This is just one of them. Having them run while I’m doing other stuff, go upgrade every once in a while, figure out the best order to upgrade things, it’s just nice and relaxing. Also, they all have achievements. I’m such a sucker for achievements.




Everything to do with them. All of them, in any shape or form. I don’t care, if it has unicorns, I love it. I’m too old to give a shit if I’m too old for loving unicorns so much. I think it’s safe to say that close to 80% of my Facebook interactions has to do with unicorns, since my friends and family are enablers, to say the least, and keeps showing my stuff I need to own, or eat, or watch. I love them for it.


Online Wish Lists

That feeling…

A lot of online stores have the option to create a wishlist. You browse through all the stuff, probably around 70% of which you can’t afford, and put them on this list of dreams. I’ve used the one on TruffleShuffle to the point where I have most of their selection memorized and can easily spot the new things they get.


Junk food and Docs

It’s just glorious.

Probably my biggest guilty pleasure. Since it’s the one thing I can say I should feel a little bit guilty about, and I do, but it’s just so great. Eating junk-food, preferably in bed, and watching weight loss documentaries. I don’t know what it is, it could even be the shame of it, but I love it.


Harry Potter


If you don’t like Harry Potter, then we can’t be friends. It’s as simple as that. This is my favorite world to disappear into, it has all the things I need from a universe, and Hagrid. The icing on the cake. I have so much HP stuff, clothes, jewelry, knickknacks that no one needs, and I need more. Also, if you don’t understand that Slytherin is not just “the evil guys” – then we can’t be friends either. Slytherin4life.


I like my list. It makes me happy. If one thing doesn’t work, then the next one might. Just having the list makes a world of difference, and I feel like it’s something everyone should have.


Feel free to steal mine. If it makes you smile, even just a little bit.


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