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All the love and all the gratitude

The post today is a little bit different. There is no rant, there is no frustration, there is no hate.

Yesterday I got a package, and it was from you guys.

This is a brand new, teeny tiny, laptop. I had an old and huge one before, one that could barely use Word, it killed my OneDrive whenever I tried to save something, and it weighed about the same as a toddler. I couldn’t work on it and, even if I had been able to, I certainly couldn’t travel with it, since I don’t have a driver’s licence and a car was really needed to transport this lump of tech around.

Now I can work from anywhere. I don’t have to choose between visiting my parents and writing, because with this I can even work on the train.

I have small baby hands, so this gives you an idea of the size. It weighs 1kg, so having it in one of my medium-sized handbags wont kill one of my shoulders and my back.

I bought this for the money donated to me via Patreon. For me, this is a huge step towards a big dream of mine. I was actually able to buy something work related. The fact that it could happen makes me believe a little bit more that I can really do this.

It is so much work, really hard and draining work, but I love it. I spend a good 3-4 hours every day doing this, besides the time spent on trying to get a normal day to function, and the financial support means that I can justify that.

This is what you guys got me. I am so grateful. I hope that what I am giving you in return is something you appreciate too, that you’ll continue to support me in the future, and help me get where I think I’m meant to be.


I love you all.




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