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Keeping up with current events

No. Current events can, as fast as possible, just go away.

I don’t want to do it anymore. The world has basically gone bonkers and I desperately want to dig a massive hole under a rock and go live there. Not only has it gone bonkers, it’s moving so fast that I barely have time to get angry about something, before the next thing hits and demands attention. It feels like standing in a playground, holding 4 pieces of candy up in the air, while 28 children are having a death-match around your feet.

I can give you a quick re-cap of the general political situation around the world.

You’re welcome.

Theresa May, Donald Trump, Macron, Brexit, Russia… Holy fucking flying hell, the amount of kindergarten fuckery going on.

Then there is North Korea, which no one is taking seriously anymore, but it’s still there. North Korea is the drunk uncle at the family dinner, sitting in a chair, staring at the rest of us, mumbling something we don’t understand. We know that he could turn dangerous, he could go into a drunken rage and he would probably be able to hurt a couple of the children, before the grown-ups kick him out. However, he has also been out-of-his-skull-drunk since 2pm, and we’re on dessert now. We’re pretty safe.

Danish politics are a giant heap of crap too. We have this lady, this mean woman, who openly admitted to breaking the law, and nothings has happened to her! Nothing! She even had consultants who told her, before she broke the law, that this was not a good idea. ‘Dude, what you want to do is kinda illegal. Like, it’s actually illegal. I mean, you shouldn’t do it, because you are not only reducing human beings to trash, but you are also breaking the fucking law.’

And her response?

‘It’ll be fine, who cares’.

Well, at least we have given her a stern talking to. That’s something, right? No, it’s not. I bet my right shoe, all of them actually, that nothing at all is going to happen to her, besides that little talk. That’s the level of faith I have in the system by now.

I simply don’t care anymore. I have run out of fucks to give and I have no motivation to get back on track.

That is an insanely dangerous place to have ended up. Because I’m not the only one who has given up, I’m not the only one who has shut down and is now standing at the sideline, shaking my head and saying ‘politicians will be politicians’. We are giving them more power to do whatever they want, because the backlash from the public is dwindling fast. If an entire nation is in uproar, if it’s everyone on their soapbox yelling, then something would eventually happen. As it is now, it’s something like 8 people yelling, trying to drown out the collective sigh of millions of people. I just don’t have it in me anymore. My brain has given up.

This is my brain. It was nice knowing you.

There is one thing I follow. I have replaced the depressing state of the world, with something that makes it better. In fact, it makes it so much better, that I get a warm fussy feeling inside, and smile a whole lot, which is not all that common with me. It’s pretty rare, the pink and fluffy feeling. Like, it’s something that only happens when the stars are aligned and someone is swinging a black cat over their heads, next to an old willow, in the moonlight.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary


If you don’t think this is the best thing ever, and wish you could adopt all of them, then we can’t be friends. If you don’t look like I do, when I look at this site, then we can’t be friends.

It’s like this. I can do it for hours.

Maybe one day, I’ll be able to throw myself into the fray, grab a pitchfork and find a soapbox again. Perhaps, at some point, I’ll find motivation to battle the wicked and polish my battle armor.


But for now, I’m staying sane by looking at old dogs.



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