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New Years Resolution

I’ve never been very good at these things. I have made plenty and I don’t think I have ever kept a single one of them.

It seems that they are, for the most part, something that isn’t very fun. You give up something, you work harder, you change something in yourself. I’m not saying that it’s bad, if you can quit smoking because of a New Years resolution, then I am rooting for you. That is awesome! However, let’s be honest, it isn’t fun.

This year I have made one that I really think I’ll enjoy.

I have 41 games on my Steam account and I have completed 12 of these. 5 can’t be completed per say and that means that I currently have 24 games that is just sitting there, uncompleted.

In 2017 I’ll complete all my Steam games! I hope, at least. It might seem really easy, but these games include The Guild II, with two expansions, Book of Unwritten Tales 2, 3 different Deponia games, and Day of the Tentacle Remastered. That is a lot of hours.


I plan to write reviews on all of them as soon as I finish them and I don’t think it will be reviews that explain a lot about gameplay and graphics and the like. It will most likely be a whole lot of ranting.

During December I’ll write a mini-review on the ones I have already completed compiled in one post. The 5 that can’t be completed I might as well get out-of-the-way now.


1: Don’t Starve (Together)

This game can fuck off. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong, but it can fuck off. I have clocked an incredible 52 minutes! That’s how long it took me to get a minor stroke and yell at my computer. Some games just frustrates you to a point where it is very unhealthy to keep trying. This is one of these.


2: DotA2

I’ve played 6 hours. I am a massive Blizzard fan and I loved the first DotA, there is something special about players taking something they love and evolving it, but I have been tainted with the League of Legends plague. I just prefer LoL.


3: Tower Wars

Co-op/PvP tower defense. I bought it for me and a friend and we both ended up with an overwhelming feeling of “Meh”- neither of us got hooked. We tried for 5 hours, Steam tells me, but it just didn’t get exciting.


4: Tap Tap Infinity

Guilty pleasure of mine! I am a completionist, and there are achievements in this. I’m hooked. I can put my brain on pause and just do nothing. I’ve done that for 81 hours… including a lot of idle time, though!


5: Worms Revolution

I haven’t played it from Steam yet, but I have far to many memories of being merciless beaten and crushed in this game, for me not to get it and wait patiently for the day of my revenge. I will wreck them all.



Now, onwards to the great adventures of exams, Christmas shopping, and very very little time to play games. At least I got the New Years resolution out-of-the-way already!

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